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Common version constraints for buildout and pip

published 2017-03-18 12:55:00

Recent releases of setuptools started to pull in requirements as packages. This caused issues when installing zc.buildout with pip in a virtualenv and there are packages installed which require one of those packages and there was a conflicting version pin. Namely this happened with pyparsing in my case.

I wrote the following buildout.extensionscripts helper:

def getVersions(buildout):
    from pip.req import parse_requirements
    import os
    import zc.buildout
    fn = os.path.join(
    constraints = parse_requirements(fn, constraint=True, session=object())
    versions = buildout._raw['versions']

    def set_version(constraint, spec):
        if constraint.name in versions and versions[constraint.name] and versions[constraint.name] != spec:
                "Version pin %s out of sync with [versions] %s = %s." % (
                    constraint, constraint.name, versions[constraint.name]))
        elif constraint.name in versions and not versions[constraint.name]:
            buildout._logger.warn("Not setting version constraint for possible develop egg '%s'." % constraint.name)
        versions[constraint.name] = spec

    for constraint in constraints:
        specs = set(spec._spec for spec in constraint.specifier._specs)
        specs = sorted(specs)
        if len(specs) == 1 and specs[0][0] == u'==':
            set_version(constraint, specs[0][1])
            buildout._error("Don't know how to set %s in [versions]." % constraint)

This way there is one version-constraints.txt in the buildout root which I use with pip install -c version-constraints.txt -U setuptools during setup of the virtualenv.

The versions.cfg file for buildout now looks like this:

extension-scripts +=

# mostly set by getVersions from version-constraints.txt
# but we need to pin buildout stuff that's used before getVersions is called

# Buildout infrastructure
buildout.extensionscripts = 1.0
zc.buildout = 2.5.3
zc.recipe.egg = 1.3.2
mr.developer = 1.38

Currently only == version constraints are supported, but others are possible as well and just need to be added properly in [versions].

If you use mr.developer, then you need at least version 1.38 for a fix, otherwise develop packages won't be picked up.